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Cubbage32 final bracketology 3/17

Posted on: March 17, 2013 4:29 pm
Here is my final bracket... Ole Miss just won, so I moved La Salle into my last four in.  My final selections came down to St. Mary's, Tennessee, and Mid Tennessee, and MTSU's resume just was not good enough to put them in over Tennessee.  Yes, Ole Miss winning today give's MTSU a top 50 win, but that's all they have, and that isn't enough IMO. 

Another thing I'll be interested to see when it comes to seedings in regions is if they put Louisville or Indiana in the midwest, because if Louisville gets it, then I think Wisconsin plays in the midwest as a 5-seed (rooting interest) otherwise the Badgers will probably get sent down south.  I think Louisville gets it, but I wouldn't be shocked if they let Indiana stay close to home.

Anyways, I think the four 1-seeds are set, although people are making a push for Miami to now be a 1-seed, I kept them as the top 2 seed and left Gonzaga as a 1.

Midwest                        South         West                  East
1 Louisville                1 Kansas        1 Gonzaga           1 Indiana
2 Duke                     2 Miami          2 New Mexico     2 Georgetown
3 Michigan State         3 Florida        3 Ohio State        3 Michigan
4 Arizona                  4 Marquette     4 Oklahoma State  4 Kansas St.
5 Wisconsin               5 St. Louis      5 Syracuse            5 Pittsburgh

Last four in: La Salle, Boise State, St. Mary's, Tennessee
first six out: Middle Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, Baylor, Iowa.

Play in games
16s Liberty vs. 16s N.C. A&T; 16s Southern vs. 16s James Madison
12s Boise State vs. 12s La Salle; 12s St. Mary's vs. 12s Tennessee

1 Louisville
16 Liberty/16 N.C. A&T

8 San Diego State
9 N.C. State

5 Wisconsin
12 Boise State/12 La Salle

4 Arizona
13 Davidson

3 Michigan State
14 Florida Gulf Coast

7 Oregon
10 Villanova

2 Duke
15 Albany

1 Kansas
16 W. Kentucky

8 Missouri
9 Colorado

5 St. Louis
12 Tennessee/St. Mary's

4 Marquette
13 New Mexico State

11 Temple

3 Florida
14 South Dakota State

7 Memphis
10 Minnesota

2 Miami
15 Harvard

1 Gonzaga
16 Southern/16 James Madison

8 Notre Dame
9 Illinois

5 Oklahoma State
12 Belmont

4 Syracuse
13 Valparaiso

11 Iowa State

3 Michigan
14 Montana

7 Butler
10 Oklahoma

2 New Mexico
15 Iona

1 Indiana, 
16 Long Island

8 Creighton
9 California

5 Pittsburgh
12 Akron

4 Kansas State
13 Bucknell

6 Colorado State
11 Ole Miss

3 Ohio State
14 Northwestern State

7 North Carolina
10 Wichita State

2 Georgetown
15 Pacific
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